Mama June Posts Pic Of Geno Doak’s New Tattoo Of Dog Taking A Dump & Fans Are Going Nuts

Mama June Shannon posted a photograph of her boyfriend Geno Doak’s new tattoo of a dog defecating to her Instagram account and her fans are going nuts over the snap. Although her followers hit the like button over 10,000 times thus far, many others completely disapproved of Geno’s new and permanent design to his arm.

The star of WeTV’s Mama June: Family Crisis added a series of four images to her Instagram account.

Her slideshow began innocuously. June shared a photograph of her newly manicured nails. The colorful tips were studded with rhinestones and swirls of color. The fourth finger of her left hand showed off a large engagement and wedding ring combination, which led fans to suspect she married her longtime companion. Rumors swirled around their union when June first donned the jewelry in an Instagram post seen here.

The pics were tagged as being taken in Knoxville, TN. The second showed Geno with his arm up in the air and his elbow bent at a 90-degree angle after getting some work done at the business 3 Kingz Tattoos. He wore a blue tank top and tan shorts and stood in front of a red wall with the store’s logo written atop it.

The third image displayed two arms crossed atop one another decorated with body art. It was not stated in the caption if those were Geno’s forearms in the pic.

It was the final pic in the series that sent her admirers over the edge when they got a closer look at what was reportedly Geno’s new body art. The fourth snap showed Geno making a muscle with his right arm and looking down at his bicep, which featured ink of a brown pup taking care of his business.

In the caption of the slideshow of photographs, June did not mention Geno’s new art directly.

Fans of the reality television star, who reportedly distanced herself from her daughters Anna, Alana, Jessica, and Lauryn due to her relationship with her boyfriend, appeared to be disgusted by the new ink.

“Why in TF would he get a dog taking a poop omg,” wrote one fan.

“The tattoo is nasty! Mama June what do you see in this dude?” questioned a second follower.

“I don’t understand the dog taking a sh*t tattoo.. is there a story to it? Thank God he got it where it’s easy to cover up with a shirt. It would look terribly tacky going someplace professional or whatever,” remarked a third social media user.

“A dog pooping.. yup. Still keeping it classy I see,” claimed a fourth fan.

A fifth follower used emoji instead of commenting and posted six poop characters followed by a face with rolling eyes. Another fan wondered why anyone would ink their body with a design such as that, and they followed their statement by saying one should get something of worth permanently inked into their skin.

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