WWE News: Former Superstar Claims Company Has Been ‘Paying Publications’ To Spread Fake Stories About Him

The entertainment website Collider recently published an article that claimed former WWE superstar Ryback is a member of the LGBTQ community. The “Big Guy” has since denied this claim and opened up about how it allegedly came to be.

In a Twitter post that was uploaded on Wednesday, Ryback revealed that the company has been paying publications to spread fake news about him. He also assured his followers that he’ll be taking legal action against the website in question.

“@wwe has been paying publications to write false articles on me since I walked out. This is simply the latest one. It’s laughable at this point and I feel sorry for them. @collider has been added to the list with my attorney and it’s going to be a lot of fun down the road.”

As Ringside News documented, the Collider article alleged that Ryback had engaged in a fling with his former on-screen manager, Paul Heyman. The accompanying picture also showed the former colleagues appearing to lean in to kiss each other. It has since been changed.

Ryback isn’t named in the current version of the article, though it’s possible that all mentions of him were removed after the website learned the truth. However, some of his followers pointed out that the original picture may also have been used to entice clicks.

However, most of Ryback’s fans on social media weighed in on the matter by showing their support for the former Intercontinental Champion. They also voiced their displeasure for the way in which the sports entertainment company has treated him since they parted ways with each other in 2016.

“Can’t believe after all the years you were in there and all the years you dedicated to performing for them and their fans, this is how you get treated,” tweeted one fan.

Another Twitter user admitted that “WWE’s BS about you clouded my judgment” in the past. However, after watching interviews with the former superstar and learning more about him, the fan stopped believing the negative press about Ryback.

There is certainly no love lost between Ryback and his former employer. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he claimed that the world will be a better place when Vince McMahon is dead. The report also noted that Ryback has been involved in a legal battle with the company regarding his trademarks. He also criticized them for mistreating their performers and employees, stating that it’s led to many wrestlers dying younger than other athletes.

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