Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s In Trouble As A Medical Crisis Connects To Something Bigger

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Thursday’s episode will bring more with Franco Baldwin’s sudden health emergency. At the end of Wednesday’s show, he was at the Floating Rib hanging out with his wife, Elizabeth, and friends from GH. He collapsed, and viewers may have good reason to worry about what caused this.

Ahead of Wednesday’s show, new General Hospital teasers had revealed that Franco and Elizabeth would soon face a significant medical crisis during November sweeps. Based on the collapse that viewers just saw, it seems that this concerning development is already beginning.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Dr. Portia Robinson will be helping Franco in some way on Thursday. That would seem to suggest that he probably heads to General Hospital to be checked out after this collapse.

Unfortunately, during Friday’s show, Franco will receive troubling news of some sort. Given the General Hospital spoilers regarding the November sweeps that just emerged, this is probably related to his collapse.

During the next few weeks, Franco and Elizabeth will be navigating a sudden medical crisis of some nature. This won’t simply be a fainting spell, though. Whatever is causing these issues will be connected to some sort of Port Charles secret that has been around for many years.

Next week, Franco will reach out to Kevin for help. That seems to suggest that whatever this medical emergency is, it connected to his mental health in some way.

As if that weren’t intriguing enough, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco will soon reach out to Jason with a proposition or offer of some sort.

These two men are not exactly good friends, as viewers know. Will Franco end up worrying about his ability to stay healthy and present for Elizabeth and the boys, and perhaps ask Jason to watch over them if something happens to him?

General Hospital fans are definitely intrigued by all of this. However, dedicated “Friz” fans will likely be annoyed that this couple can’t just have some simple, quiet times together.

He barely recovered from the memory swap drama before the marriage-related chaos with Ava and Nikolas began. That has only barely ended, and now something health-related is slated to put the pair back into crisis mode again.

Is this situation related to his tumor from years ago? Could it be tied to the memory swap? What long-running Port Charles secret is tied to this?

The tumor and the memory swap seemed to be popular guesses on social media after Franco passed out. Other General Hospital fans wondered if Cyrus’ presence could be connected in some sense. Another possible scenario was that Franco may have had a stroke or something like that.

Viewers will learn more as the week plays out, and General Hospital teasers hint that this could be something pretty juicy.

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