‘One Piece’ Chapter 994 Spoilers: Chopper Reveals Secret To Defeat Queen’s ‘Ice Oni’

One Piece Chapter 994 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web.

According to the spoilers posted on Reddit, the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga is set to feature several interesting scenes, including Straw Hat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper discovering a way to defeat the “Ice Oni” created by Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague. While chasing the traitor, Drake Pirates captain X Drake, Queen started firing special bullets at the banquet hall, not caring at all whether he would hit an ally or an enemy.

All of those who were hit by the special bullets Queen named “Plague Rounds Ice Oni” seemed to turn into zombies. They lost their minds and started biting anyone in their way to further spread the virus. Knowing what will happen at the banquet hall, Queen ordered his men to close the doors at every tower. Luckily, according to the spoilers, Chopper will find a way to defeat Queen’s “Ice Oni” and bring the victims back to their normal state.

Since Queen’s Plague Rounds contain a virus, Chopper speculated he has antibodies he could use if he and other Beast Pirates high ranking officials are infected. Chopper proved to be right.

The upcoming chapter of One Piece will show Queen handing an antibody to On Air Pirates captain Scracthmen Apoo in case he will be chased by the “Ice Oni.”

One Piece Chapter 994 will also feature Kinemon healing Kiku’s injury using Foxfire Style. Kiku lost his arm after being unable to dodge the invisible slashes of Emperor Kaido. The strongest creature in the world will be shown returning to his human form while telling the Nine Red Scabbards how death is a completion of a man.

Meanwhile, as Emperor Kaido takes control of the battle at the dome of Onigashima, Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy will still be needing to face other tough enemies before he could give the Nine Red Scabbards a hand.

On their way to the rooftop, Luffy, Vinsmoke Sanji, and Jinbe will be facing some of the Beast Pirates headliners. One of them ate the Giraffe SMILE devil fruit, while the other one consumed the Chicken SMILE devil fruit.

One Piece Chapter 994 will also show Emperor Kaido’s daughter, Yamato, officially introducing herself to Kozuki Momonosuke. After defeating the subordinates of Sasaki, one of the Flying Six, to protect Momonosuke, Yamato will face the little lord, who will ask her why she mentioned the name of his late father. Yamato, who called herself Oden, will tell Momonosuke “my other name is Yamato.”

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