Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts As Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Blows Up

Juan Pablo Galavis reacted to ex-girlfriend Clare Crawley’s rocky season of The Bachelorette.

After fans tagged him on social media following Clare’s shocking blowout with one of her suitors that referenced one of her most memorable moments from his own season of the show, the former Bachelor star responded.

“What HAPPENED tonight? Did I MISS something GOOD?” he wrote on Twitter.

Several fans responded to tell him that Clare was unraveling on the ABC dating franchise.

“Where CAN I watch a RERUN??” the former soccer pro asked.

That scored him a response from ABC executive Rob Mills, who offered to send him a link to the episode.

Juan Pablo also received support from fans of the ABC dating franchise years after he was portrayed as a villain. After one fan wrote that it was time to take a moment to forgive the controversial Bachelor alum because he knew from the beginning that Clare was the worst of all time and no one believed him, Juan Pablo tweeted that he will forgive his doubters.

Another fan wrote that Juan Pablo “may have dodged a bullet” by not choosing Clare as his final lady on The Bachelor.

“Oh WOW, that’s some SERIOUS comment… ” the former reality star tweeted.

And another fan told Juan Pablo he should consider himself a lucky man.

“I do EVERYDAY when I open my EYES… I’m BLESSED to be alive…” he tweeted.

Clare is quickly becoming known as the worst Bachelorette in the history of the show, a title that mirrors her ex-suitor Juan Pablo’s claim to fame after his disastrous stint as The Bachelor six years ago.

After a shocking episode of the rose-filled reality show featured Clare rejecting her suitors multiple times, a promo showed the frustrated men getting ready to revolt against her. The Sacramento hairstylist has put almost all of her focus on Dale Moss, a suitor she fell for at first sight, and she repeatedly stood up the other guys for dates.

In a blowout scene this week, Clare had it out with suitor Yosef. The Bachelorette star rehashed a line she used on Juan Pablo during his season when he told him she would never want someone like him to be the father of her children. Yosef fire back to tell Clare she’s not “fit” to be the mother of his kids.

In an episode that aired last week, Clare burned the green evening gown she wore during her breakup with Juan Pablo on The Bachelor.

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