Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Makes A New Connection As Her Issues Raise Eyebrows

During Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Sasha’s downward spiral will continue. She caused quite a scene at the Metro Court during Tuesday’s show, and it doesn’t seem as if she’ll pull herself back together anytime soon.

Sasha was a mess at the Metro Court and threw a fit when the bartender refused to serve her. She was completely disheveled and Curtis quickly figured out that she was high. He told Nina, who quickly swooped in and got her out of the area.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sasha will connect with someone new during the October 28 episode of General Hospital. Given the circumstances, this seems unlikely to be a positive development.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s General Hospital episode revealed that Carly would spend some time with Sasha too. Carly is one of the few people who knows the truth about the supposed fling that she and Chase faked. Carly thanked both of them for the sacrifices they made to protect Wiley, so she will likely connect some of the dots regarding this round of erratic behavior.

The General Hospital preview showed Carly questioning Sasha. She’ll ask what a nice girl like her is doing looking like such a mess. Will Sasha let it all out and lean on Carly or try to play tough and keep everything bottled up inside?

Both Valentin and Chase saw Sasha’s antics at the Metro Court and questioned her about her behavior. Valentin also watched as Nina led her away. At this point, General Hospital spoilers suggest that neither of them will remain involved in this for now.

Chase will reconnect with Brook Lynn and apologize to her. He is anxious to try to smooth things over with her, but he may find that she isn’t terribly receptive.

Valentin will still be shaking things up over the coming days, but it doesn’t sound as if Sasha is necessarily involved. General Hospital fans may hope, however, that Brook Lynn is, given the rendezvous she and Valentin had last week.

The General Hospital preview showed that Nina would confront Jax about the hug she saw him giving Carly. She has already been wary and jealous of the close relationship the two maintain with one another. Walking into her place right as that close hug happened will surely prompt some anger.

It’s not clear yet how Sasha ends up with Carly after being led away by Nina, or where this new connection comes into play. General Hospital spoilers hint that Michael and Willow’s relationship will continue to grow over the coming weeks, and everybody will be interested in seeing how ugly things get with Sasha and how he eventually responds to it.

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