‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Character Trailers Will Be Revealed Next Week

Grand Theft Auto V is getting a trio of characters trailer next week.

Rockstar Games teased the forthcoming clips with a simple image posted on the company’s official blog. “Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailer 4.30,” the text readers.

Since developers have stated that each character will have his own unique identity, story, and skills, it’s not altogether surprising that Rockstar will release individual clips. Here’s hoping the trailers give players some brand new gameplay footage to chew on.

Although Grand Theft Auto V is looming on the horizon, the company has only released two trailers thus far. The first clip that made the rounds showed off the city of Los Santos and some of the surrounding areas. The second preview introduced gamers to the characters they will control over the course of the story.

GTA V allows players to switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor with the push of a few buttons. This feature will be available during missions and while gamers are simply wandering around the landscape.

Instead of just hanging around waiting for the players to switch over to them, the characters will go about their business while you control someone else. Rockstar said that players will be surprised by the situations they find their characters in when they switch back and forth.

It’s currently unclear what the new trailers will contain. Since none of the trailers have shown the switching mechanism in action, the clips could give everyone a chance to see how it works. The previews could also reveal more about the characters and their respective backstories.

Regardless of what the new trailers contain, chances are fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will be all over them as soon as they appear online. Since many of us are still a little bummed that the game isn’t currently in our hands, any new footage is certainly a good thing.

Are you looking forward the new Grand Theft Auto V trailers coming next Tuesday (April 30)?

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