‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Maxie’s Birthday Celebration Has Spinelli Seemingly On Edge

The week of October 26 on General Hospital promises to be full of drama and Halloween tricks or treats. Fans are gearing up for something to happen in Port Charles soon that will lead to some kind of chaos. Maxie’s birthday celebration is coming up at the end of the week. Spoilers hint that she could be in for a few more surprises than she expected.

It looks like Maxie’s ex, and father of her daughter Georgie, will be invited to the small gathering. According to SheKnows Soaps, the party will begin on Thursday, October 29. Spinelli is mentioned quite often in the spoilers. That means that he is getting anxious to take Maxie’s fiancé, Peter August, down before they get hitched. On Monday’s General Hospital, the entertainment site explains that he is more determined than ever to expose the man that Peter truly is. On that same day, Maxie and Dante Falconeri will be having a chat, and Dante will somehow warn her about her future marriage.

Maxie is carrying Peter’s baby and that complicates things. Robert Scorpio and Spinelli are both wanting to protect her and the baby from the man she is about to marry. On the same day as the party, Spinelli will ask Sonny Corinthos for some advice. While the spoilers are keeping mum on what advice he will be seeking from the mobster, it likely has to do with Peter.

By Friday’s episode of General Hospital, things may be getting a little tense during Maxie’s party. While Spinelli will smile and pretend that he is supporting her and Peter, he is expected to be seething inside. Anna Devane will also be surrounding her future daughter-in-law with some birthday love. However, Anna will find out the truth about something. That most likely means that she will somehow learn whether she or her twin sister Alex is Peter’s real mother.

Peter also gets a concerning call that same day. Alex is supposed to be on her way to town to target Anna. Will she show up for Maxie’s get-together?

General Hospital’s executive producer Frank Valentini recently posted a photo that appears to be a huge hint of things to come. The people of Port Charles will seemingly have some type of emergency soon, and fans are wondering what that will be and who will be affected by it.

There seems to be plenty of danger ahead. Not only is there Maxie’s birthday shindig, but also Halloween that could prove to be a horrifying time for the residents of Port Charles. In addition, November sweeps are coming up and that means anything could happen in the coming days.

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