WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On Reported Plans To Split Up Top ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Tag Team Revealed

The Usos will not break up at tonight’s WWE Hell In a Cell event, according to a report from Ringside News.

The article stated that a tenured member of the writing team revealed that there are currently no plans to disband the six-time Tag Team Champions. All reports suggesting otherwise are “fake news.”

Jimmy Uso is currently injured, but he’s expected to return sometime between November and January. He’s featured in his brother Jey Uso’s current feud with Roman Reigns. Some fans and pundits expect him to get involved in their Hell In a Cell match at the eponymous pay-per-view.

Jimmy appeared at Clash of Champions and threw in the towel on behalf of his twin during his Universal Championship match with Reigns. As The Inquisitr recently documented, Jey has vowed to deal with his brother for costing him the title down the line.

The Ringside News article revealed that Jimmy’s appearance at the pay-per-view was a “total surprise” for many people backstage. This is because the storyline is being kept close to the vest with only Reigns, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, Michael Hayes and the core participants being made privy to the details.

Of course, this perhaps means that if there are plans to break up the Usos, they probably haven’t been revealed to most superstars and officials. However, recent rumors have stated that the company has big plans for them as an alliance.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, the Usos will reportedly form a faction with the Universal Champion in the coming months. One of the brothers has also expressed his desire for the group to happen. The seeds for that storyline have also been sown on WWE television in recent weeks.

If Jey loses tonight’s title match, the champion will exile the brothers from their family. However, those issues could be resolved if the tag team acknowledges “The Big Dog” as their “tribal chief.”

Given that the Universal Champion will undoubtedly retain his prize, the Usos will either have to accept exile from the rest of their bloodline or choose to align with him. The latter seems more likely, as some of the performers involved want the teased faction to happen.

All three superstars have been in a group with each other in the past, though it was only temporary. Their family has a rich heritage when it comes to forming notable stables, however, and they could be set to bring a new one to the modern product.

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