Superb Hits Red Sea Rock

The British nuclear submarine HMS Superb has hit a rock in the Red Sea.

According to the Guardian, none of the crew was injured and all remained on board as the navy considered where the submarine would dock for repairs. The vessel is unable to dive because of the damaged sonar. The last Royal Navy submarine to be damaged was the Trafalgar who hit the bottom of the ocean in 2002 causing £5 million in damage.

The Superb was commissioned in 1976 and displaces 5,200 tons submerged, is 272ft long and has a complement of 112. Her armament includes Spearfish torpedoes.

Now if only I could get the headline right: Superb hit on Red Sea Rock, Moses parted the sea, but Superb couldn’t move a rock, Rock 1, multi-million dollar submarine 0…..

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