‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Latest Development With Trina, Cameron, And Josslyn

Friday’s episode of General Hospital brought a development that many people likely did not see coming. Trina and Cameron faced the unknowns about their dynamic and shared another kiss. What came next seemed to pave the way for him to be with Josslyn, and fans were not necessarily pleased by this.

After Trina and Cameron kissed, she said that she finally had clarity on her feelings for him. She insisted that now it was obvious that they were meant to be friends and not a romantic couple, and Trina seemed to be entirely sincere in saying this.

General Hospital fans have been rooting for “CaTrina” for a while now. While Cameron had crushed on Josslyn for years, many felt it was Trina he really shared true sparks with over these past few months.

“So #GH is putn Cam w/ the girl who’s never been there 4 him during any of his juvie court appearances, never supported him thru that memory mess w/ his step-dad, never been there 4 him in ANY way…but whose only ever whined 2 him about the dead BF she chose over him. COWARDS!” one frustrated viewer responded to the development via Twitter.

Despite what seemed to be a burgeoning romance with Trina, Josslyn and Cameron recently shared a kiss and he had felt torn since. Dev is still interfering in all of this, wanting Josslyn for himself, and that’s probably not going to end anytime soon.

If Trina really is genuine in saying she sees Cameron as a friend and nothing more, it would certainly seem that the General Hospital writers are angling to put Joss and Cam together.

“It should be Cam and Trina with the blossoming relationship. I love Cam and Joss as bffs but #CaTrina’s where the magic’s at,” another fan declared on Twitter.

A number of General Hospital viewers pointed out that Cam and Trina seemed to approach this discussion in a mature, reasonable way. Soaps usually go with misdirection, misunderstandings, and drama, and the talk the teens had was quite the contrast in this case.

There are those who are hoping to see Josslyn and Cameron together too. A few General Hospital viewers are rallying for the Joss and Dev pairing, and that certainly could end up happening as well.

“Joss has gf chemistry with Cam and Dev, both pairings got so much potential for awesome story, Eden always had chem with everyone so this isn’t shocking one bit. She’s a great young actress!” another viewer wrote in a tweet, referencing actress Eden McCoy, who portrays Joss.

Could the General Hospital writers have another shift in store in the coming weeks to give “CaTrina” fans what they want? Does Trina really just see Cameron as a friend, or was she just trying to protect herself from being hurt if he ultimately chooses Josslyn?

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Trina will be pushing hard in the coming days to clear Taggert’s reputation. That should mean that viewers will be seeing quite a bit more of the teen quartet together.

Where will romance truly blossom within this teen group, and where will hearts end up broken? How shady will Dev get as he tries to keep Cameron and Josslyn apart? General Hospital spoilers hint that there could be some twists and turns ahead on this front, and fans are anxious to see how it goes.

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