Gemma Collins Pushes Back On Critics Who Call Her Photos Filtered After Losing Over 40 Pounds

Reality TV star Gemma Collins pushed back on critics who have accused her of using filters on her photos and videos in order to make herself look better, saying that while she has had some work done, she was filming without any filters.

Gemma was showing off some of the new cosmetics on her Instagram stories when she decided to weigh in on the controversy, explaining that her changing look is due to her impressive weight loss, taking care of her health, and some aesthetic assistance from experts.

“This is me, this is how I look. Yes, I’ve had a few treatments done. Yes, I’ve been looking after myself,” she said.

The Only Way is Essex star wore a leopard-print turtleneck, with her long blond hair in waves around her face. She applied lipstick from her line to her lips, while her eyes appeared to be smoked out.

“I’m not using filters guys. We’re all guilty of it sometimes, but actually, I’ve been really working on myself and I do think my face looks good and I’m feeling good and I’m still on my weight loss journey,” she added.

She later showed herself at an aesthetician getting a treatment. She said that she was getting a nanofiller to help her look younger and healthier.

“Moisturising, skin tightening, I had a little Aqualyx injection in my chin to take some fat out of my chin, it’s all been done by The London Aesthetics Company,” she told her fans.

As The Daily Mail reported, Gemma isn’t afraid to turn to cosmetic enhancements and beauty procedures to improve her appearance.

For instance, the Aqualyx injections come in at around $450 a pop and are used to dissolve fat in her chin area.

It’s all part of her attempt to stave off aging and make herself look better, the 39-year-old has said. After dropping over 40 pounds, which she credited to SkinnyJab injections, she said that she plans to drop another 40.

She said that after all her hard work, she is feeling “brand new,” and judging by the fact that commenters suspect she is using digital enhancements to improve her appearance, people are noticing the shift.

On top of pushing her beauty brand to her 2 million followers, the British celebrity has also been selling her new clothing line, which features casual outfit options like sweaters with the catchphrase, “I’m claustrophobic Darren,” and the word, “Essex,” printed on them, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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