WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Reportedly Set To Return Following ‘Top Secret Meeting’ With Vince McMahon

According to a tweet from TalkSport‘s wrestling insider Alex McCarthy, Mick Foley told him he had a “top secret meeting” with WWE chairman Vince McMahon a few weeks ago.

The Hall of Famer is retired from in-ring competition, but he has been known to make onscreen appearances whenever he’s called upon. In the past, he’s worked as an on-air authority figure and showed up to host special segments.

McCarthy didn’t divulge the details of the conversation, but he stated more information will follow soon. However, that didn’t stop his followers from making their own bold predictions about what the meeting might have entailed.

“How is that establishing new stars? We don’t need any more stars of the past, we need new stars that can draw money,” one user tweeted.

That comment appeared to be referencing McMahon’s recent claim that stated he was going to focus on pushing contemporary talents in an effort to build new performers and combat low television ratings.

“Paul Heyman had a secret meeting too a few days ago. He spoke about it to Ariel [Helwani]. Wonder if it’s related,” wrote a second Twitter user.

Heyman currently serves as Roman Reigns’ manager on Friday Night SmackDown, but he has been involved in the company’s backstage creative teams in the past. Perhaps Foley will also work alongside a current wrestler or lend ideas to the creative team.

A third follower sent a tweet that stated he hoped Foley won’t be returning to “unveil another championship belt.”

This was in reference to WWE’s polarizing 24/7 title, which Foley introduced on Monday Night Raw when it was officially announced.

The secretive nature of Foley’s encounter with the chairman suggests they’re planning something big. The timing of the development is interesting since the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is this weekend, which would be a fitting time for the revelation to occur.

Foley has a storied history with Hell in a Cell matches and the pay-per-view. He was famously thrown off the steel structure in 1998. Since then, he has appeared on television for segments involving contemporary performers who were set to compete in the cage at the time.

While the details of Foley’s conversation with McMahon are still unknown, McCarthy did share a more detailed account of his interview with the Hall of Famer.

In an article posted by TalkSport on Friday, Foley broke down some of his most iconic feuds from when he was still an active in-ring performer. This included memories about Triple H, Edge and other legendary wrestlers.

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