‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 65 Spoilers: Goku’s Foolishness Makes Earth’s Destruction Inevitable

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga, which is titled “Son Goku, Earthling,” featured the ongoing battle between Son Goku and Planet-Eater Moro. After successfully mastering Ultra Instinct, Kakarot easily surpassed Moro’s power and put him on the verge of suffering a massive defeat. However, like in his previous battles, Son Goku once again made another foolish move that didn’t only put himself and his comrades in great danger but also make the destruction of their home planet, Earth, inevitable.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 started with Son Goku overwhelming Moro with Ultra Instinct. Kuririn, who was watching the intense battle from afar, started to feel a sense of relief that the Earth was finally safe from the hands of the evil wizards. After seeing the noticeable difference in their power level, Kuririn told himself that he no longer needed to give his friend the Senzu Beans.

Son Goku sensed Kuririn and asked him for the Senzu Beans. However, instead of using it to regain his stamina and heal his wounds, he offered it to the enemy. He said that he would let him have it if he promised to come voluntarily with Jaco to the Galactic Prison. Though he’s clearly lying, Kakarot still decided to give him the Senzu Beans.

Everyone was surprised by his action. Upon recovering from the damage he took from fighting the Earthlings, Moro immediately charged toward Son Goku and attacked him. Luckily, with Ultra Instinct still activated, Moro’s attack didn’t hurt him at all. Kakarot asked the evil wizard to surrender for the second time, but he just received the same response.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 featured Moro achieving Ultra Instinct. After finding the severed hand he used to grab Merus, he succeeded to copy the power that even the Gods couldn’t easily attain. Like Kakarot, he also showed a tremendous improvement with his speed, strength, and defense. When they resumed their fight, Moro and Son Goku looked evenly matched.

However, it was only a matter of time before the evil wizards suffered the repercussion of stealing a trainee Angel’s power. With his inability to contain the trainee Angel’s power, his body started to swell, which made him an easy target for Kakarot. Universe 7 Angel Whis told Son Goku that if he intended to finish the enemy, he should do it as quickly as possible.

Son Goku agreed with Whis and immediately prepared to end Moro’s life. Unfortunately, before he made his move, the enemy turned the Earth into his own body. Whis explained that in order to completely defeat the evil wizards, Kakarot also needed to destroy the Earth. Even if they wouldn’t do anything, Moro’s body will detonate and the explosion could possibly obliterate the entire galaxy.

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