A ‘Big Brother’ Curse Is Alive And Well With Latest Houseguest’s Eviction

Warning: This article reveals the eviction results from the October 22 episode of Big Brother All-Stars.

There are only three players left on this season of Big Brother, with the summer’s 13th houseguest sent packing on Thursday night. Christmas Abbott and Nicole Franzel sat on the block next to one another, with Cody Calafiore casting the sole vote to evict.

While many assumed Cody would take Nicole to the end because of their many alliances, some thought there might be a chance he’d pull a blindside and keep Christmas. There were also those Big Brother fans who knew the outcome of tonight’s eviction ahead of time because they believe in a 22 season-long curse.

Cody ended up eliminating Christmas, who just so happened to be the first person to walk into the house this summer. For 22 regular seasons and one spin-off, the first person to walk into the house has never won Big Brother. This has become known as the “First to Enter Curse,” which is clearly alive and well with Christmas’ departure.

Traditionally each year, the houseguests are sent into their new home in sets of two. Two groups of eight enter at different times after talking to host Julie Chen in front of a studio audience. This season, due to COVID-19 guidelines, the players were sent inside in four groups of four. Christmas was in the first set, alongside Nicole, Dani Briones, and Da’Vonne Rogers.

Christmas either never heard of the famous BB curse or wasn’t concerned as she bolted through the door right away. There was some reservation on the other women’s parts on running in, as they seemed familiar with the scary tradition. It’s also possible the groups were not aware if any other players were already inside or if they were the first to go.

Below is the list of each former player who fell victim to the “First to Enter Curse.”

  • BB1 – Cassandra Waldon
  • BB2 – Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
  • BB3 – Amy Crews
  • BB4 – Scott Weintraub
  • BB5 – Adria Klein
  • BB6 – April Lewis
  • BB7 – Janelle Pierzina
  • BB8 – Joe Barber
  • BB9 – Natalie Cunial
  • BB10 – April Dowling
  • BB11 – Laura Crosby
  • BB12 – Rachel Reilly
  • BB13 – Shelly Moore
  • BB14 – Ashley Iocco
  • BB15 – GinaMarie Zimmerman
  • BB16 – Joey Van Pelt
  • BB17 – Da’Vonne Rogers
  • BB18 – Michelle Meyer
  • BBOTT – Scott Dennis
  • BB19 – Alex Ow
  • BB20 – Bayleigh Dayton
  • BB21 – Tommy Bracco
  • BB22 – Christmas Abbott

The curse also holds true for all seasons of Big Brother Canada, as no one on the international version who entered the house first has walked away with the grand prize.

The only time the curse has been broken was in Celebrity Big Brother 2 when Tamar Braxton entered first and manage to win the game. Since CBB is played out in a shorter time and is somewhat of a different game, many BB fans don’t believe Tamar’s victory has broken the curse of the classic version of the game.

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