WWE Rumors: Details Of Aalyah Mysterio’s Contract Situation Reportedly Revealed

Aalyah Mysterio, who is Rey Mysterio’s real-life daughter, has been a regular fixture on WWE television this year, but she isn’t a full-time member of the roster as of this writing. According to Ringside News, her deal is a per-appearance agreement for now.

The reason for Aalyah’s part-time status is because she’s currently in college and has plans to finish school. However, as The Inquisitr previously documented, she has reportedly impressed WWE officials, and it’s possible she could join on a permanent basis down the line.

As The Inquisitr report noted, there have reportedly been some conversations backstage about offering her a contract. Vince McMahon and other officials have supposedly been thrilled with her contributions to the product so far, and they appreciate her eagerness to learn.

The 19-year-old has been a hit among viewers as well. Her segments have boasted high ratings on the company’s television shows and social media channels, which can only bode well for her future in the world of sports entertainment.

Her budding romance angle with Buddy Murphy has captured the attention and imagination of the fan base, and those segments have been key to her drawing ratings.

These bits included her rushing to Murphy’s defense to prevent an attack from Seth Rollins. Another one saw details of their private messages revealed on television thanks to Rollins.

Murphy looks set to receive a babyface push on Friday Night SmackDown as a result of his newfound allegiance with Aalyah, but her relationship with him has been a source of conflict in her family, as her brother and father don’t approve of her crush.

The promotion appears to have some big ideas for the storyline, which means Aalyah will likely continue to make appearances until the angle has at least reached its conclusion.

The promotion has shown a keen interest in the Mysterio family in recent months. Dominik was eventually signed to a full-time contract after impressing in his father’s feud with Rollins. The company recently filed for various trademarks on variations of his name.

As Ringside News pointed out, they have yet to do the same for Aalyah’s trademarks, presumably because her long-term future is still uncertain.

It also remains to be seen if Aalyah is interested in committing to wrestling in the long run. As The Inquisitr article highlighted, sources have claimed she has all the tools to make it in the entertainment industry, but they don’t know if she’ll want to stay in WWE.

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