Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina’s Plans Worry Curtis & Carly’s Anxious To Move Forward

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that Nina will open up to her pal Curtis about the search for her child. In addition, Carly will talk with Jax about the Nelle situation, hoping that she can put it behind her once and for all.

According to the sneak peek shared on Tuesday via Twitter, Curtis will spend some time catching up with Nina. As they talk, Curtis will ask who “this” woman is and question why Nina wants to find her.

Based on those questions, it sounds like she will mention her quest to find Phyllis, the nurse who had taken care of her and seems connected to the necklace. While Nina looks animated and excited as she opens up to her friend about this, it seems he’ll be skeptical.

Curtis was used by Valentin in the prior search for Nina’s daughter, so he will probably be especially cautious this time. The last thing he wants to see is for her to get her hopes up again, just to be left all the more devastated by whatever information she finds.

This conversation may prompt Curtis to seek out Jax for a one-on-one chat. General Hospital spoilers indicate that later this week, Jax and Curtis will make a pact of some sort. It seems likely that this will be related to Nina’s search and her tender heart, as both men will want to do whatever they can to protect her.

The next episode will also show Carly talking with Jax at the PCPD. She was brought in to answer additional questions about the night Nelle supposedly died, and she stuck with the version of events that Jax created.

General Hospital teasers detail that Carly will tell Jax that the sooner everybody forgets Nelle, the better. However, it might not be that simple.

Unless a big twist is on the way, it will eventually be revealed that Nelle was Nina’s biological daughter. It also seems unlikely that Carly will be able to forever hide the details about those last moments on the cliff with Nelle.

Is Nelle really dead? That’s apparently the case, but General Hospital fans aren’t fully convinced. Whether she pops up alive again or not, her necklace was found in the woods by Avery and it probably won’t take much longer for someone with knowledge of the jewelry’s importance to see it.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Carly’s struggles to put this behind her will continue for a while. In addition, Carly and Nina will soon get into an argument. This might be about Carly’s connection to Jax, or it could be about Nelle. Either way, it likely won’t be resolved easily.

Teasers indicate that Nina will be facing a shocker that will turn her life upside down. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be related to the daughter bombshell, and viewers should gain a little more knowledge about it all during the October 20 episode.

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