‘This Is Us’ Star Susan Kelechi Watson Spills Season 5 Secrets: ‘Growing Pains Are Happening’

This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson spilled Season 5 secrets in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. She noted that the relationship between the big three — Kevin, Kate, and Randall — will experience some discomfort as they reevaluate their feelings for one another moving forward. She revealed that there will be a lot of Pearson family drama coming up and the siblings will experience even more painful interactions that deepen their bond. It has been rumored that the premiere episode will center on the day the three turn 40 years old. Randall will celebrate alone with wife Beth, and Kevin and Kate honor their birthday with their mother Rebecca and husband Miguel at the family cabin.

She deduced that perhaps the issues that lay between the brothers had built up for some time and instead of finding a way to address their problems, they danced around them.

“They haven’t been able to have a full relationship because of that. So there’s the heaviness to it. But also if that’s always been there, maybe it had to be said at some point. I’m sure they said it way worse, you know what I mean? I’m sure they look back on it and are like, ‘I didn’t mean to say it like that.’ But if it was there, it’s the root of a deeper problem,” she stated in the interview of the explosive fight that ended Season 4.

Susan revealed that as a viewer, she found the conflicted connection between the brothers to be mesmerizing television. She claimed that hearing the words they said to one another was “rough.” At the time she wondered how the writers would mend the siblings’ relationship moving forward.

Susan explained that she felt as a wife, Beth would stand by her husband even after he pushed his mother Rebecca into entering an Alzheimer’s study, upending the life she made in California to be closer to her daughter Kate, husband Toby, and their son Jack, who was born blind. She didn’t think what Randall did was right but would support him nonetheless.

Her own character will face different challenges as she grows her dance studio from a neighborhood business into something much more.

“Beth has moved into this big realm with her dance career. We had that [deep-future] flash-forward of this beautiful dance studio. So, [we’ll see] how she progressively gets there,” Susan explained.

The newest batch of shows will also tackle the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and other current hot topic issues when the season begins October 27 on NBC.

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