Zynga Will Shut Down Four More Games

Zynga, the developers who gave us FarmVille 2, is shutting down four more of its games.

Anyone who has been on Facebook enough will recognize at least a few of Zynga’s properties, perhaps even its logo. You have probably been pestered with Zynga game invitations and even played a few of their games (likely more than you’ll admit, they’re addicting). FarmVille, Cafe World, PetVille and others have each seen their share of traffic, but it hasn’t been enough, according to the recent closing of four offices.

Zynga has been shutting down underperforming games almost regularly to cut costs, including previously planned titles like CityVille, Party Friends, and The Friend Game, with further plans to shut down PetVille and Mafia Wars 2. Chief operations manager David Ko is readying more cuts of once-big games as of today.

Also getting the cut are The Ville, Empires & Allies, Dream Zoo, and Zynga City.

Mark Pincus, Chief Executive at Zynga, has gone on record as saying that although the games canceled in the first quarter were good for short-term performance, they wouldn’t have done well in the long run. He said 2013 has been a transition year for Zynga as it moves to focus more on mobile games for tablets. This makes sense considering Zynga previously stated that tablets are going to be the ultimate gaming platform in the future.

Zynga projects revenues will be $225 million to $235 million for the second quarter, with net loss expected in the range of $36.5 million to $26.5 million. Of course, projected profits can be wrong, as Nintendo has discovered with the Wii U.

The Facebook titan Zynga is still going strong with FarmVille 2, with 65 million monthly active mobile gamers, and instead of spreading itself thin, it’s focusing on the few games that let it stay on top. Only the future will tell if Zynga can stay there.

What do you think of Zynga cutting four more games?

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