Upcoming ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Shocking Breakup Will Be Revealed Soon

Breakups are certainly not uncommon on soaps. However, one General Hospital split will leave some fans quite sad when it’s revealed.

Nurse Epiphany Johnson and Sonny’s former employee, Milo Giambetti, have been in a relationship for a few years. Unfortunately, it appears that the couple has broken up. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Epiphany will give Liz the latest status update between her and Milo. She is expected to confide in her friend about the breakup during the week of October 26. No other details have been given, but it looks like their romance is over.

Actor Drew Cheetwood has not been seen on the ABC soap since 2019 when his character went undercover to help take down Shiloh at Dawn of Day. He is also known as “Magic Milo” in honor of his Nurses Ball strip routine that he does with a few other men of Port Charles. His appearances on General Hospital have been sporadic in recent years.

Milo first came on the scene in 2006 as one of Sonny’s bodyguards. He began crushing on Epiphany in 2014 before finally grabbing her attention. They started dating and have been together ever since. Despite not being on air most of the time, his girlfriend often mentions his name.

The couple seemed to be an unlikely pair, but they have since become a fan-favorite. It’s likely that Epiphany will explain to Liz what happened between them that caused the breakup. It could be his job elsewhere, or they just decided to go their separate ways. It’s unclear what impact this will have on the plot, given they are rarely seen together onscreen anyway.

Epiphany has been the head nurse on General Hospital for 14 years now. However, things have changed drastically since Cyrus Renault got his foot in the door. He hired bad girl Britt Westbourne, and she has demoted poor Epiphany from head nurse to a role that saw her mostly doing paperwork. Needless to say, she is not happy with the situation. Now her split from Milo is likely to have her feeling a little grumpy.

She won’t be the only one, as fans are likely to be sad that this couple broke up. Milo may end up making his way back to Port Charles eventually, but for now, it looks like he is out of the picture.

Britt’s return to Port Charles last month has rattled the entire staff. There is much more to come on General Hospital, with her and Cyrus breaking all the rules and making everyone feel threatened.

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