‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis’ Drinking Has Her At Odds With Sam

Things are not going well for Alexis Davis, and this upcoming week on General Hospital, it may get even worse. It seems that Sam has her suspicions about her mother’s alcohol consumption. As a recovering alcoholic, Alexis has once again hit rock bottom. That has her daughter paying her a visit and confronting her about what’s really going on.

On Monday’s General Hospital, Sam will tell her that she knows that she has been drinking. She wants Alexis to admit it. Ever since Neil Byrne’s memorial service where she got blasted by his brother, she has fallen off the wagon. Her drinking also got her into trouble with Ned Quartermaine recently when they supposedly slept together when they were both drunk. It’s likely that she wants Sam to mind her own business. In fact, spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Alexis will somehow offend her daughter.

Alexis is bound to let Sam know that she can take care of herself and won’t let her help. She has been hit pretty hard lately with Neil dying from a drug overdose and then finding out that she has osteoporosis. Getting a verbal beating from Neil’s brother did her in, and now she is back to hiding bottles of vodka in her house and wanting to be left alone.

Of course, Sam won’t take no for an answer. She is clearly worried about her mom. General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday indicate that she will head to Sonny’s to ask for help. While it doesn’t say exactly what that’s all about, it seems likely that she may want to get Sonny involved in helping to get through to Alexis.

Sam is also looking to hire someone to help out with Aurora Media, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. Could her visit with Sonny have anything to do with that and not Alexis at all? Michael is rumored to be an excellent candidate for the job that Sam is looking to fill. Sonny may have a hand in that as well.

Sam isn’t the only one worried about Alexis. Ned has been leaving her messages to make sure that she is okay. Their unexpected fling had her frazzled and left having to lie to Ned’s wife, Olivia. She has no idea that her husband seemingly cheated on her with Alexis and Ned is determined to keep it that way.

General Hospital fans aren’t too keen on watching Alexis take yet another downward spiral. They liked seeing her happy with Neil and were shocked when he died. Others would love to see Julian Jerome rescue his ex, but he is way too busy with his own devious issues. Fans are certainly anxious to see her get some happiness eventually.

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