Miley Cyrus’ Dog Was Electrocuted On The Set Of ‘The Voice’

Miley Cyrus revealed this week that her one of her dogs was electrocuted on the set of The Voice, TooFab reported.

On Thursday, Cyrus gave an interview with a San Diego radio station for the Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show, in support of her MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions special, which airs Friday on MTV. Speaking to the hosts, the singer and famous animal-lover was asked to name the most embarrassing thing one of her dogs had ever done.

At first, she hemmed and hawed a bit, telling the hosts that if she did indeed reveal the most embarrassing thing one of her pups had ever done, they wouldn’t be able to air the interview.

“Know that it’s really good, but I can’t tell you,” she said.

She opted instead to tell a more PG-13 anecdote involving one of her pets — in this case, a beagle named “Little Dog.”

She said that on her first day of filming the popular NBC reality competition show, she’d brought along the pup, and soon, the animal had taken an interest in one of the hundreds of wires that were strewn about the set.

“My dog goes and bites on the wires of the TV everyone’s watching and all of a sudden we notice she’s convulsing and getting electrocuted,” she said.

Someone rushed to her pet’s aid, but they, too, found themselves getting shocked.

“You can’t open her mouth, because the person who’s trying to open her mouth is also being electrocuted,” Cyrus said.

Eventually, the pooch was rescued — though it’s not clear how — and Cyrus added that the animal is back home in Nashville and doing just fine.

She went on to tease the more R-rated dog story she had in mind, involving a pup named MaryJane, but still didn’t divulge all of the details.

“The story has to do with 2012 Halloween. My dog licking something… it was just a thing. I had to send a vinyl record player to this human that got… my dog did something very wrong. I had to send an apology gift!” she said.

Throughout her career as an adult, Cyrus has been known as an animal-lover, even spending years avoiding eating animal products — a lifestyle she had to give up because she said her brain wasn’t functioning properly.

In August, as CNN reported at the time, the singer adopted an abandoned bulldog that had turned up emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in fleas at a Fresno fire station. Firefighters named the dog Daisy.

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