‘Big Brother’ 22 Week 11 Spoilers: Houseguest Conversations Suggest HOH Competition Was Thrown

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

The 13th Head of Household (HOH) competition is complete in the Big Brother All-Stars house. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Enzo Palumbo walked away with the victory in one of the most crucial moments of the season. Alongside Christmas Abbott and Cody Calafiore, Enzo played the Knight Moves competition as outgoing HOH Nicole Franzel looked on.

Conversations on the live feeds have suggested that the HOH was thrown, according to Big Brother Daily on Twitter. Nicole and Cody were noticeably annoyed at the outcome of the HOH, calling the decisions Enzo made in the challenge very “selfish.” According to Cody, Enzo didn’t really “win” Knight Moves, it was thrown to him.

“[Enzo] didn’t just win that comp. I threw you that comp, so let’s just relax. The thing that pisses me off is I have been doing things to help. Don’t just be like ‘you’re going to be good’ [in the POV]. Get yourself ready and be ready to go,” he said to Nicole, per BBD.

“That was so selfish. We are all playing this individual game but I know how much you have done for him in this game, so it bugs me. I don’t know if he is secretly hoping that you or I get clipped or what,” Nicole responded according to BBD.

It’s unclear if the pair are upset that Enzo won the HOH in general, or if it was his response to it that bothered them. It looks like there were some discussions that happened before the live feeds came back on, causing some confusion among the fans.

Nicole continued to express her frustration over how things played out, continually calling Enzo “selfish” and said he showed his “true colors.” The former winner said he had screwed over Cody somehow, but did not explain those sentiments further.

She also noted that Enzo kept creeping up close to Christmas during Knight Moves, which she felt was in an effort on his part to not anger the personal trainer. It looks like Cody and Nicole are mad that their alliance member played the field in the challenge, and did not keep his loyalties to them.

The duo also believes Christmas and Enzo don’t have a chance of winning the POV, which will play out tomorrow. Nicole said it will be a competition which involves studying, so it could be the classic Big Brother quiz where houseguests have to answer questions about what has happened thus far in the game.

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