‘One Piece’ Episode 945 Spoilers, Recap: Emperor Big Mom Is Stronger Than Queen The Plague

The latest episode of One Piece — titled “A Grudge Over Red-Bean Soup! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation!” — featured the continuation of the battle between Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin and Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague. The episode started with Queen quickly recovering after being smashed by Emperor Big Mom into the ground.

When he stood up, Queen told his subordinates that Linlin’s attack didn’t affect him at all and expressed strong confidence that he could take down the lady Yonko. He continued to taunt her by calling him an “old hag” and saying that he has no plan of sharing his red-bean soup with her. He then prepared for his counterattack, jumping as high as he could and throwing all his weight towards Emperor Big Mom.

At first, Queen thought that his strategy was working on his opponent. With Emperor Big Mom focused on preventing herself from being crushed, he believed that he would finally have the very rare opportunity to take the head of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. However, the situation dramatically changed when Linlin’s eyes turned red.

When Emperor Big Mom managed to lift him up with ease, Queen already knew that he was in huge trouble. Though she’s yet to regain her memory, she still possessed extraordinary strength. After throwing him to the ground for the second time, she grabbed Queen’s neck and sent him crashing to the walls of the Excavation Labor Camp.

The impact was enough for Queen to lose his consciousness. As his subordinates approached him, he started to lose his Brachiosaurus form and returned to a normal human being. One Piece Episode 945 featured the big difference in power level between an Emperor of the Sea and a mere Yonko commander. Queen may be one of the most feared characters in the Land of Wano, but the battle at the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon clearly showed that he’s not in the same league as Linlin and Emperor Kaido.

As of now, the Beast Pirates who are guarding the Excavation Labor Camp are undeniably facing a huge problem. With Queen gone, it would be impossible for them to stop Linlin from wreaking havoc inside the prison. To make things complicated, they were unable to contact their headquarters in Onigashima to inform Emperor Kaido about the situation. While everyone was distracted by the commotion, Caribou and Raizo destroyed the Boss Snail, making the Beast Pirates unable to use the Smart Snail to communicate in Udon.

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