‘Big Brother 22’ Week 10: Which Houseguest Was Evicted Thursday?

Warning: This article reveals the 12th houseguest evicted on Big Brother All-Stars.

Another houseguest has been sent packing on Season 22 of Big Brother. There are just four players left in the game with two weeks to go before the big finale. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the plan going into the eviction was for Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo to vote out Memphis Garrett. Everything went according to plan, in a move that absolutely blindsided Memphis. The restauranteur was sent home by a vote of 2-0. Christmas Abbott made it out of the eviction alive, the third time she has done so in All-Stars.

“Good luck, you’re gonna need it,” Memphis said as he walked out.

After hitting the stage with host Julie Chen, he admitted that he was blindsided. Memphis said he would have taken Cody and Enzo to the final three, so he didn’t think their decision was beneficial to their own games. He also said he originally planned on making a funny plea speech but decided against it.

In the roommate’s goodbye messages, Cody revealed to Memphis that he knew about the double Wise Guys alliances and said that was his reason for voting him out tonight. Cody said that his former partner was “shady” and he was clued in on what was going on behind his back just hours after it had happened. This also let Memphis know that Enzo spoiled the second Wise Guys group, which could affect how he votes in the jury.

During the jury segment, there was a tender moment between Da’Vonne Rogers and Tyler Crispen. Da’Vonne questioned whether Tyler was sincere in his offer to self-evict in order to help Da’Vonne and Bayleigh Dayton get further in the game, as he said he was an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. Tyler admitted everything he said was real, and using BLM as a strategy was not what he was doing. The pair hugged it out and all seems to be well moving forward.

The jury also received video messages from their loved ones, with Da’Vonne and Tyler absolutely breaking down over the messages from their partners and families. Dani Briones also cried over the video from her husband and daughter, Tennessee.

Shortly after Memphis was evicted, Julie called the houseguests to the living room. Kaysar Ridha came back to surprise the houseguests with an announcement. The former All-Star revealed that the roommates would be playing legendary Big Brother competition Knight Moves, which Kaysar mastered during his time on the show.

Kaysar also revealed that the winner of the next HOH would be eligible to play in the subsequent one as well. This is a major advantage this late in the game. The competition did not begin during the live episode and will happen while the feeds are down.

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