Mars Rover Draws Penis In The Red Planet, The Internet Notices

Looks like the folks at NASA operating the Mars Rovers get bored from time to time, just like everyone else. One Redditor pointed out that a rover had apparently drawn a penis on the planet’s surface, seen in an image that made the official NASA website.

If you really like space stuff and are super interested in the Mars Rover project, you can jog on over to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website and read about all of the behind-the-scenes fun that makes the Mars Rovers project what it is.

If that’s a little over your head, then your eyes are likely to wander like Redditor aggrazel’s did, to an image of a Mars Rover’s tread marks shaped conspicuously like a giant dong.

Aggrazel put the image on Reddit with the caption “”Mars Rover = $800M, Team to Operate = $1B. Drawing a penis on the surface of another planet = Priceless,” and it has been upvoted into the stratosphere.

From the comments, it appears as though NASA’s JPL page became so popular from the post that it experienced errors and even periodic blackouts. There’s even talk on one thread of an inadvertent DDOS attack which replaced the entire page with the image of the Mars Rover’s penis drawing, but we were unable to see that for ourselves, beyond the before-and-after link provided.

What do you think of the Mars Rover’s penis drawing? Intentional, accidental, awkward? Sound off below!

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