WWE News: Main Roster Superstar Could Be Set To Return To NXT After Falling Out Of Favor With Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has reportedly lost interest in Andrade. The former United States Champion wasn’t picked for any show in the latest WWE draft, which means he’s a free agent as of this writing. However, he could be on his way back to NXT if one of his recent social media teases comes to fruition.

Andrade took to Twitter this week and posted a picture of him and Zelina Vega, his former manager, from their days in the black-and-gold brand together. The photo was taken after he won the NXT Championship from Drew McIntyre at Takeover: WarGames in 2017.

This was arguably the most successful period of his career, and Andrade posting the picture fueled speculation he could be set to return to his old stomping grounds.

It isn’t uncommon for main roster performers to make the move back to Full Sail either. Finn Balor returned last year and recently won the brand’s top men’s title again. Now that the weekly show airs on the USA Network, Triple H might also be keen on adding more star power to the program.

The show could maybe use more bodies at the moment, especially in its main event scene. In recent weeks, top stars such as Ridge Holland, Kyle O’Reilly, and Balor have all been injured. The latter is expected to be sidelined for at least six weeks, and Holland probably won’t be medically cleared to compete again until 2021.

Andrade’s latest tease appeared to excite some of his fans.

One tweeter noted how he was “respected” as a member of the black-and-gold brand’s roster, and said he’d “love” to see him go back.

Another social media user stated a return would see Andrade back on the superior wrestling program.

Raw and SmackDown are just big lights and pretty effects, a bunch of smoke screen[s] with bigger budget and pay. NXT is where the passion is,” the fan tweeted.

A third fan pleaded on Twitter with Triple H to “MAKE IT HAPPEN,” with similar expressions echoed throughout the rest of the comments section.

Andrade might not be completely out of favor on the main roster, however. Earlier this week, Wrestling Inc reported he missed the draft as he’s set to undergo a minor elective procedure.

The superstar is expected to be out of action for about a month. According to a source, there is talk of him receiving a push upon his return, possibly with Charlotte Flair as his manager.

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