“General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Maxie Shares Her News, But Not Everyone Will Be Happy

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Maxie and Peter found out from Britt that everything is fine with their unborn child. As happy as they were, that somehow left the daddy-to-be feeling uneasy about having a family. Maxie did more than reassure him. She told him that she wanted to get married. He then officially got down on one knee and proposed. Now Maxie will be sharing her good news with her loved ones, but that will leave a few of them very rattled.

Peter is not exactly the most trusted person in Port Charles. He had to work hard at it. However, there are still some in town who want to to take him down, as they suspect he hasn’t exactly been completely honest. Robert Scorpio knows the man is hiding something. Maxie will be sharing her exciting news that she and Peter are getting married with Mac on Wednesday. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, that will cause some concern. Mac is expected to question Robert on why he isn’t a fan of Maxie’s guy. Will Robert share his suspicions about Peter with Mac?

While they want nothing more than for Maxie to be happy, they are also worried about her safety. In the previews for Wednesday’s show, Mac seemed to have a concerned look on his face. He certainly wasn’t smiling at all. It’s not certain whether her announcement comes before or after his talk with Robert, but he will likely put on a good front for the girl that he considers to be his daughter.

Once Robert catches wind of the engagement, he will be even more desperate to nab Peter. However, there is one other person who is even more desperate than the super spy. Spinelli will be even more outraged when he learns of his ex’s upcoming marriage. It sounds like he will have lots to say about that as the General Hospital spoilers indicate Maxie will be giving Spinelli an ultimatum. She has given him warnings before, but this time may just be the last straw for her. She is happy, but if Spinelli can’t give her any support in this relationship, he may lose his Maximista unless Peter’s shenanigans are exposed.

Maxie’s future is at stake. It’s a delicate situation now that she and Peter have a child on the way and will be married soon. Peter has what he has always wanted his whole life, but he may lose everything if Robert and Spinelli have anything to do with it. General Hospital fans are anxious to see this bad boy go down as well.

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