‘Saturday Night Live’ Shares Stunning Video Transformation Of Jim Carrey Into Joe Biden

Saturday Night Live shared the stunning transformation of comedian Jim Carrey into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden via a video clip posted to Instagram. The show, known for its incredible political impersonations, allowed fans a quick peek at what it takes to create the overall look that turned the comedy legend into the former vice president of the United States.

The video began with Jim’s eyes as they looked directly at the camera. A black drape, similar to that used by a barbershop, was secured around his neckline. A television appeared to be on in the background, which gave an update that the October 15 presidential debate was canceled.

A profile view of the comedian was seen. He appeared to have prosthetic makeup that gave him similar facial characteristics to the former vice president. A makeup artist added a white wig to his hairline in the clip.

A quick pan of the room showed Jim as he looked at himself in a mirror with several of SNL’s staff of makeup artists behind him.

As the actor headed to the wardrobe department, a sign that had his name and the character he portrayed was seen. Jim picked up a watch out of a case from his designated costume items. He dressed in Joe’s usual attire of a dark-colored suit and tie, with dark sunglasses and a small American flag pin on his left lapel.

The sequence cut into the actor as he finished getting dressed, surrounded by wardrobe assistants who adjusted his costume.

The final scene was of Jim as he stood in a hallway of the studio lined with framed photographs of memorable scenes and characters that have been crafted throughout the show’s 46 seasons on television.

The actor took off his sunglasses, looked directly into the camera, impersonated Joe’s voice, and said, “Look, here’s the deal.”

The video finished with the names of the host and musical guest for the week, actress Issa Rae and Justin Bieber, respectively.

Fans of the late-night comedy sketch series appreciated the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create this dynamic characterization.

“I don’t care what anyone says, Jim Carrey’s doing a fine job imitating Joe,” remarked one fan.

“Jim as Joe and Maya as Kamala is what 2020 needed lol,” wrote a second viewer, who also appreciated former SNL star Maya Rudolph, who has portrayed Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris for the past two seasons.

“Jim as Joe is the best thing,” exclaimed a third Instagram user, who followed up their comment with a series of laughing emoji.

“Here’s the deal, Jim you do a better Biden than Biden himself!!!” penned a fourth fan.

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