Michael B. Jordan Sends Voters To The Polls From The Comfort Of His Bed

Michael B. Jordan shared a visual treat with his 14.2 million Instagram followers on Tuesday. The first uploaded snap showed a shirtless Jordan, while the other two provided information on how to vote in the upcoming November election.

The Black Panther actor showed off a portion of his superhero-level physique, angling his chest toward the camera. Jordan wore a double chain, box-pattern gold necklace. The pendant, a golden cross hammered at its edges, was centered on his bare skin.

His face was mostly cropped out, but a portion of his gaze into the camera was caught in the snapshot. It appeared Jordan had let his facial hair grow out as it was longer than his usual, closely-trimmed, red carpet look. He bit down on the left side of his bottom lip, providing a close up of the star’s pearly whites and full lips.

In the photo, he appeared to be sitting in a bed with gray sheets and a marble green wall behind him.

The second post provided instructions for the upcoming election season. It instructed readers to complete the census, register to vote, update their voter registration, request a ballot, and finally, to spread the word. The third photo in the series provided an early voter checklist, giving advice on how to vote, both locally and via mail. Jordan tagged @IAmAVoter, a nonpartisan organization, at the bottom of the checklist.

Six hours after being posted, the picture had earned 517,116 likes and 8,758 comments. His “Vote Early” caption summarized the actor’s motivation behind the tantalizing selfie.

Fans of Jordan raved about the post, praising the provocative post for bringing attention to an important issue.

“Using your power for good! #Vote” wrote one user.

“That’s a thirst trap to get people to vote. I dig it,” commented another.

“Chile, if this doesn’t get ’em to the polls…Nothing will,” joked a fan.

The Creed star also posted the snap to Twitter, where it had garnered 7,000 retweets, 83,000 likes and 14,800 quote retweets. Fans posted gifs of their reactions, while some even tried to recreate the photo as a joke. One user posed with a rip shirt in front of a mirror. Another used the top half of his own face combined with Jordan’s bottom lip and chin.

Jordan was just one of the many celebrities encouraging voters to cast their ballots early. A recent campaigned featured a number of other celebrities going topless to promote voting, as reported by The Inquisitr.

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