WWE Superstar Natalya Shares Photo Of Injury After Losing Tooth On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Lacey Evans knocked out Natalya’s tooth on last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, but the “Queen of Harts” doesn’t appear to be too shaken up following the incident. As noted by Sportskeeda, she took to Twitter earlier today and shared a picture of her injury, while also noting that Evans’ punches are “no joke.” You can view her post here.

In the photo, Natalya pulled back her lip to reveal a missing tooth in the upper right corner of her mouth. In the accompanying caption, she bragged about eliminating “The Sassy Southern Belle” from the match where the accident took place, suggesting that she isn’t too upset about needing to receive dental work.

The comments section was full of support for the WWE superstar, however, with several of her followers praising her toughness. Some of the social media users also reminded Natalya that she’s experienced similar situations in the past.

“You are bada**,” tweeted one follower. “This is the second time that we know of with missing teeth? Bada** Nattie!”

“Nattie, why are you always losing your teeth,” a second Twitter user asked.

“Maybe stop taking mouth shots, teeth aren’t meant to do that and wrestlers already have enough injury history to deal with after the career is over. Look after yourself, I’d rather see you hold back a bit for 10 years than see you get hurt and retired in [five],” read a concerned fan’s tweet.

As documented by Comic Book, Natalya’s two front gnashers were knocked out during a match at a SmackDown Live event in 2017. The superstar also took to social media after that incident, sharing a picture of her smiling from the dentist’s office before she received her replacement incisors.

As the Sportskeeda report pointed out, Evans also responded to Natalya’s post, stating that she’d knock out the rest of her teeth if they ended up on the same brand following the latest draft. The heel’s comments were made in character, and she appears to be using the situation to gain some heat.

It’s unlikely that Natalya and Evans will cross paths for a while. The former was sent to Friday Night SmackDown, though the pair might rekindle their feud at some point down the line.

Natalya got the last laugh over her storyline nemesis on Raw, but she didn’t win the Women’s Battle Royale match. Lana appeared at the end of the bout and eliminated Natalya, which further cemented the disintegration of their tag team.

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