‘Big Brother 22’ Week 10 Spoilers: Two Houseguests Reveal Their Moms Speak And Are ‘Tight’

Warning: This article contains conversations from the Big Brother: All-Stars live feeds that have not aired on CBS.

Loyal fans of the hit reality series Big Brother: All-Stars have had a major issue this season, as it’s been rumored that some of the competitors formed pregame alliances that have dramatically affected how the season played out. A new conversation on the live feeds is only furthering those suspicions, as two houseguests currently vying for the $500,000 grand prize have revealed their mothers know each other and speak regularly.

Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel were sitting in the house discussing how they prepared for competitions this season. Nicole recently won the tenth Head of Household (HOH) and the subsequent Power of Veto (POV) in what was supposedly an impressive victory. She said she practiced “I spy what’s different” puzzles, which helped her win the famous comics contest.

“I knew you were doing that stuff & I was like oh that’s good. Cause your mom told my mom,” Cody said, according to Tooms on Twitter.

“Why would my mom say that?” Nicole asked back.

“They’re like so tight,” Cody answered.

This is only angering the fandom — who have been bothered by the rumors of Nicole and Cody’s pregame alliance, which was reportedly set up by former winner Derrick Levasseur — even further.

“Really Big Brother casting??? This is who y’all brought back to All Stars?? Family affairs and everything,” one viewer tweeted.

“Apparently their dads are close too! @CBSBigBrother has a lot [to] explain to us and the houseguests who didn’t pregame! This is BS!” another Twitter user added.

Other eagle-eyed fans jumped in on the conversation of the alleged predetermined alliance and suggested “mom” is actually a code word Cody and Nicole use so they won’t get busted on camera.

“Call me crazy but the face and giggle he makes when he says ‘your mom told my mom’ makes it seem like a cover for the feeds. Definitely referencing Derrick imo can’t tell me otherwise,” the theorist suggested in a tweet.

Some fans hopped on board with that theory due to the smirk Cody made while talking about his “mom.”

It is unlikely to ever be confirmed if Cody and Nicole had some sort of predetermined deal. Derrick has already begun denying he has any involvement in their partnership this season, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from accusing all three of lying.

Nicole and Cody are likely to make it to the end should one of them win the next HOH or POV competitions. Nicole has already promised to take Cody to the finale if she wins the last HOH, as she has admitted she wants him to win the grand prize this year since she has won before.

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