‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Struggles And Julian Continues To Worry

This past week on General Hospital found Ava Jerome in quite a pickle. Her life has become very complicated these days. She is caught between three men who want something from her and this will have her struggling to figure it all out the week of October 12.

According to General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, Ava will be grappling with the challenges that she is currently facing. The worst one is how to deal with Ryan Chamberlain. The serial killer now knows about Julian’s involvement with Wiley’s kidnapping and the baby switch, thanks to Julian’s now-dead wife, Nelle Benson Jerome. She sent the letter to Ryan, giving him the leverage to use as he chooses. His choice was to bribe his ex into paying him daily visits and pretending that she actually loves it.

The spoilers also note that Julian will continue to be anxious about his situation. Ava is expected to reassure him that she has everything under control. But does she really?

It’s likely to be quite an ordeal for his sister to go to Pentonville every day to sit in front of the man who killed her daughter and then slept in her bed for months. He is still obsessed with her, and his feelings will probably escalate the more she is around him.

Then there is Ava’s husband, Nikolas Cassadine. Their marriage is based on a competition to see which one of them will be unfaithful to the other. They have both been playing games while also involving their best friends, Franco and Elizabeth. However, they are starting to fall for each other, and that may get in the way. Nik isn’t thrilled that his wife went to see Ryan and that has him worried about her.

Ryan realized that they have feelings for each other after all and decided that she needs to divorce her husband. That further complicates things for Ava as she stands to gain lots of money from her marriage. She has a lot to lose if she chooses to save her brother by doing whatever Ryan wants.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Nikolas will be seeking some help from Alexis Davis later in the week. What kind of advice will she be able to give him?

General Hospital fans have been taking to social media to talk about what Ryan will do next. The Inquisitr had previously detailed that many viewers think that he will somehow get out of prison and head to Port Charles to get his revenge just in time for Halloween. There are many people in danger if that should happen, especially Ava and Nikolas.

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