Britney Spears’ Fortune Reportedly Dwindling Amidst Court Battle As She Refuses To Work

Britney Spears has been in a protracted legal battle over her finances, which are currently controlled by her father, Jamie. But as The Sun reported, the popstar’s $57 million fortune is taking a hit as she refuses to work and legal fees continue to cost her up to $945 per hour.

Britney’s last performance was in Las Vegas in December 2017. Since then, she has been trying to have her dad removed as the head of her conservatorship, and sources close to her have said that she refuses to perform again until the situation is resolved.

But to continue her battle, she is apparently spending $590 to $945 per hour in legal fees, something her dad is arguing is not in her best interest in a legal filing.

In a separate legal battle, Britney spent $300,000 against her former manager Sam Lufti in a case over libel.

Now, between her lawyer and her father’s representation, she has reportedly spent “millions” since 2008 to fight the conservatorship.

“The ‘burn rate’ that the Estate is experiencing is high, and Ms. Spears has determined not to work at this time,” the documents read.

Jamie is “concerned” about the money flowing into the legal challenge.

In response, Sam Ingham, Britney’s lawyer, said that his client is determined to change her circumstances.

“Britney simply does not share Jamie’s vision of a future in which she resumes performing and leaves the management of her estate completely to him as she did in the past,” he said.

To replace her dad, she has opted to use an independent financial adviser called Bessemer Trust, her lawyer said. After that, she can decide whether or not she will perform ever again.

“The only way to ensure Britney’s voice is heard will be for her to have qualified litigation counsel available in order to place her on a level playing field with Jamie,” he added.

Ingham argued that there didn’t need to be high expenses related to resolving the situation if Jamie’s lawyers were willing to pick up the phone and work something out.

One Britney supporter, who runs the Free Britney movement, argued that Jamie is simply trying to delay the inevitable while costing the performer a large amount of money. The singer has had fierce support from many of her fans, who she thanked recently for their support, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Britney heads to court against her father on October 14 in Los Angeles.

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