Twitter Explodes After Kanye West Posts Ballot Showing Him As Write-In Candidate

Kanye West posted an image to Twitter showing a ballot where he appears to be written in as the candidate for president by a friend of his, and commenters on the social media platform had something to say about it. These users expressed frustration with the idea that people might write in West, who announced on July 4 his bid to run for president under the Birthday Party.

Within a few hours of posting the message, over 200,000 users tweeted about West, and his post garnered over 89,000 likes. While some of the responses were positive and encouraged people to choose whoever they want, others were apparently upset.

High Snobiety posted a warning to its followers, asking them not to write in the rapper.

“We’ve said it once, now we say it again: a vote for Kanye West is a vote for Trump. Please, please, please, don’t vote for Kanye. Not even as a joke,” the publication tweeted.

West failed to make the ballot in several states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. In the latter, his campaign reportedly turned in more invalid signatures than valid ones and his petition was rejected. As a result, his supporters will need to write him in if they want to cast a vote for him.

“This is not just a narcissist. This is not just a man struggling with mental issues. This is not just an entertainer out of his depths. This is a dangerous man allowing himself to be used to hurt the rest of us. This is not a joke. Writing in Kanye just helps Trump. Pisses me off,” read a Twitter post from New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow.

The Yeezy founder has been accused of working with Republicans to run a spoiler campaign in order to pull voters away from Joe Biden and help Donald Trump retain the Oval Office. West has pushed back on the accusation, as The Inquisitr previously reported, saying that he can’t be paid off because he is too wealthy.

One individual expressed frustration on Twitter with the idea that individuals are often urging others to participate in the referendum, but then get upset when those votes are cast for someone they don’t like.

Though he plans to vote for Trump, actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams tweeted that he is “okay with people writing in Kanye West because they have the right to do that,” calling it an expression of freedom.

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