Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Trina Gets Help From Ava & Cyrus Makes New Threats

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will bring serious talks on multiple fronts. The sneak peek for the October 9 episode shared via Twitter revealed a few tidbits regarding what’s on the way. At one point, a grieving Trina will turn to Ava for some support.

Trina left the homecoming dance early because she didn’t feel right being there. What she doesn’t know yet is that Cameron and Josslyn shared a kiss while there, and Dev saw them.

As fans know, Trina has been crushing on Cam, and he’s into her as well. However, teasers hint that there may be heartbreak on the way for at least a couple of the teens in this group.

According to the preview, Trina and Ava will meet up, seemingly at Charlie’s. The teen looks quite upset, and it seems she is likely talking to Ava about how angry she still is about her father’s death and the circumstances surrounding it.

General Hospital teasers indicate that Ava will try to help Trina figure out how to work through this. She’ll tell her art gallery intern to take the anger she has and find a way to use it.

Ava’s personal life might be quite messy these days, but she has been a solid source of support for Trina. It seems likely that this upcoming guidance will be helpful to the teen, but viewers know that she’ll still have a lot of complications to face in the coming weeks.

The General Hospital preview also shares that Cyrus will approach Jordan and Curtis. In his typical way of smiling while sounding ominous at the same time, he will tell the two of them that if one goes down, both go down.

It’s not clear whether he’s talking about Jordan and Curtis or someone else, but the spoilers note that he will be putting pressure on Jordan. According to SheKnows Soaps, he will demand she hand over a PCPD case file.

Could it be that Cyrus wants to see Neil’s file from his accidental overdose? The drugs in his system have been linked to Cyrus, but the mobster supposedly wasn’t involved. He may want to see the evidence that reportedly ties him to the case, or it may be an entirely different file he wants.

Whatever he’s after, Jordan will surely be doing a difficult dance here. Cyrus continues to put a lot of pressure on her, and she’s hidden some key details of this acrimonious relationship from Curtis. She’s also hidden specifics regarding TJ’s kidnapping from him, and it certainly seems as if this will all backfire on her soon.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there are plenty of additional developments on the way that will connect Trina and her mother Portia with Cyrus, Jordan, and Curtis. Fans can’t wait to watch it all play out.

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