‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Jack Learns A Profound Lesson

Sad new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Dina Abbott is at the end of her days. Although she was not the ideal mother for her children Jack, Ashley, and Traci, they’ve rallied around her to ensure her final days were happy ones. In watching his mom die, Jack, in particular, learns a profound lesson about himself.

Actor Peter Bergman spoke about the heartbreaking storyline of Dina’s death with Soap Opera Digest recently. He teased the difficult moments will lead to an epiphany of sorts for his on-screen alter ego.

After his father died, Jack stepped up to be the head of the Abbott family. Dina (Marla Adams) returned and, although he kept his spot at the helm, there was some tension. He spent much of his life angry at his mom because she’d left them in a way that he found selfish.

As a last gift for his mother, Jack went to great lengths to find the Teardrop of Love emerald necklace that she seemed to point to during one of her last lucid moments with her family, where she insisted they watch an old home movie. After going to his nemesis, Victor (Eric Braeden), to get a lead on the jewelry, he successfully finds the piece.

“He keeps saying that he hopes the necklace will give Dina a moment of peace, but I think that on a selfish level, Jack is hoping that giving it to her will trigger something in Dina’s brain and bring her back to him,” previewed Bergman.

Jack hopes to be at least able to say goodbye to his parent in a lucid way before she passes. He can tell that her health is declining rapidly and, before she passes, he is able to present her with the necklace. However, it isn’t clear if he or his sisters will end up having the type of conversation they’ve all so desperately hoped to have with Dina.

Although he and his siblings suffered growing up due to Dina’s self-centered choices, Jack finds peace with his mother after all these years. In doing so, he also realizes he is a lot more like her than he ever realized.

“Of the three of Dina’s children, Jack is the most like her. He took the most chances, got in the most trouble, caused the most problems, and whenever he set his sights on something, he was practically blind to everything else in order to get his way. He didn’t get that from John Abbott, and I say that respectfully. Jack definitely has some Dina in him,” Bergman said.

Jack may not come to an understanding of why he has been so unlucky in love, much like his mom, but perhaps he will learn more about himself as he grieves.

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