Terry Dubrow Says He’s Being Extorted For $5 Million By A Patient Claiming A Botched Butt Lift

Dr. Terry Dubrow said that he is being extorted by a former patient who is claiming that the famous plastic surgeon left tools in her body and nearly killed her while performing a butt lift. Sandy Scoggins is accused of trying to get Dubrow to pay $5 million in order to stay quiet about her experience, but the surgeon has filed a court order against her to put an end to the situation, Page Six reported.

Stephen Le Brocq, Scoggins’ attorney, said that Dubrow performed a botched operation that left his client with open wounds and other complications that were life-threatening.

“[She] developed sepsis and nearly died from Dubrow’s negligence on multiple occasions. On top of that, Dubrow left medical equipment used during the surgery in our client’s body, presumably because he was rushing to complete the procedure to get to filming his TV show,” he said in a statement.

Since then, Scoggins claimed that she has been recovering for the past year and has required several surgeries to repair the damage she experienced. But instead of making her whole, the lawyer wrote, Dubrow claimed that he is being extorted so that he can hide the truth.

Le Brocq added that he hopes to inform the world about the reality of Dubrow’s skills.

The Botched star, who denied the claim and the settlement terms, said that in the wake of the claims, Scoggins repeatedly threatened to expose him to the world and file a lawsuit against him unless he paid up.

“Ms. Scoggins’ extortionate tactics demonstrate that she fully intends on ignoring the Arbitration Agreement in order to harass and attempt to harm Dr. Dubrow’s livelihood and reputation with a media smear campaign that uses a public court filing as its vehicle,” the court order states. “The truth of the matter is that Ms. Scoggins’ surgery was conducted with the utmost professional care and attention.”

Scoggins visited the A-list surgeon from Texas in June of 2019 to have a revision buttock lift with fat flaps. Dubrow said that the patient was fully informed of the risks that could result from the procedure, including the possibility of the need for post-operative medical care. The operation was completed in July and the two had a final meeting in October of 2019.

The topic of Dubrow’s medical skill came up during a recent season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, during which Kelly Dodd claimed that Vicki Gunvalson told people that he had killed patients under his care, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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