‘Big Brother’ Fans Livid Over Lack Of Live Feeds During ‘All-Stars’ Season

To say fans are disappointed with this season of Big Brother would be an understatement. All-Stars should have been one of the most well-received seasons ever of the hit CBS reality series, but it’s turning out to be one of the worst in the viewers’ eyes. For starters, the fan-favorites and old school players were picked off one-by-one in the starting weeks. Something that has been bugging the die-hards, however, is the lack of live feeds this summer.

The Big Brother fandom has the option to subscribe to CBS All Access to be able to watch the live feeds, which is traditionally 24/7 (or close to it) footage of the houseguests as they go about their days. All-Stars has seen a significant drop in live feeds screen time, causing many to question why they’re paying for a subscription. Thursday night’s eviction episode has set off these fans even more as the Head of Household (HOH) competition is one of endurance, and it is not being shown on the feeds.

So far this summer, only one competitor has been played out on CBS All Access, the classic Wall Hanger comp which ended in Dani Briones victory. One is not enough for these BB superfans. The fandom has been expressing their anger online weekly, as many feel the competitions on the live feeds are something that could help save the season’s reputation.

The feeds have also been cut immediately following evictions and typically don’t resume until after the West Coast broadcast of the eviction episode. These few hours are crucial in houseguest conversations, as tensions are normally high and lots of good material is being left on the cutting room floor.

“My main fear is the precedent they’re setting for future seasons. Is this the new norm? Are they really going to cut out some of the potentially most dramatic feeds with raw emotions on there following big evictions (not that that’s happened this season, but…),” a BB recap account wrote on Twitter.

There are also suspicions that Thursday night episodes are not live but pre-recorded. This would mean the “live” competitions are filmed in advance, as are the evictions, and they don’t happen as the audience is watching them. The feeds were down for the whole day today (October 8), suggesting there already is an HOH, who won at some point during the day today.

“Not y’all saying show the comp on the feeds. the show was pre taped guys hoh was won we won’t know who won until Feeds come back,” one fan tweeted to the viewers wanting to see the comp play out.

For now, there is no proof of this theory, but plenty of fans are on board with it.

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