‘Iron Man 3’ Featurette Shows Off Extremis Technology [Video]

The Iron Man 3 featurette released today shows off Mandarin’s Extremis Technology.

Iron Man 3 will use Mandarin’s Extremis Technology, which is detailed and explained as Marvel’s Kevin Feige talks with Robert Downey Jr., Shane Black, and James Badge Dale in a candid interview. They explain how advancements in Extremis Technology can benefit the world and ultimately challenge Tony Stark’s creativity as a billionaire inventor.

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black and stars Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, and Jon Favreau. The film is due to hit theaters May 3, 2013.

The featurette begins with a black screen and Mandarin saying, “My fellow Americans, my soldiers are coming.” We see the Mandarin standing with his arms raised dramatically and several people looking on in terror.

Kevin Feige says, “The Mandarin has been able to pull this off because of an invention known as Extremis. Extremis taps into human DNA and is able to regenerate limbs and enhance strength.”

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black tells us, “It’s like the brain was created with this hidden slot just waiting to be filled. All our evolution has been leading up to accessing this point, which is just ready when we are to go to the next level.”

Next we have Robert Downey Jr., who says, “It’s Nobel Prize stuff, you know. But in our world that’s Nobel Prize gone wrong.”

We see a chain being hung on a peg as a hooded figure turns. A flash of light becomes some explosions, one of which rocks a city street among large buildings, as someone shields himself from it.

Kevin Feige continues the explanation, “Such a frightening technology is Extremis, it’s what activates Tony into adventure in this movie.”

A reporter asks Tony Stark, “What are you going to do about these attacks?”

We hear someone say, “The Mandarin must be stopped.”

The rest of the featurette is above.

What do you think of the Iron Man 3 featurette explaining Extremis Technology?

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