Daredevil In ‘The Avengers’? It Could Happen

Daredevil could turn up in The Avengers 2 now that the rights have reverted back to Disney and Marvel Studios for the popular character.

Kevin Feige, chief at Marvel, revealed the character was back in the fold during press interviews to promote Iron Man 3.

Deadline speculated last year that this could happen following a last ditch effort by Fox to launch a Daredevil reboot with Joe Carnahan steering the ship.

The deal was set to expire in the fall of 2012, but until today, there had been no follow-up on whether that actually occurred.

With the blind attorney-turned-crime fighter Matt Murdock back under the Disney umbrella, this clears a path for the crimson crusader to appear in other films, and as we’ve seen with The Avengers initiative, the studios are not above it.

Our only fear is the Marvel movies will start to suffer from the “things will never be the same” malarkey of annual comic book crossover events. We’d hate to see too many spandex-wearing cooks in the proverbial kitchen.

Don’t misunderstand. The Avengers grossed more than one billion dollars worldwide because it was handled beautifully by the studio, as were (most of) the lead-up films. But at what point do we face superhero saturation?

Personally, it would be nice to see Daredevil in a standalone series, at least at first. Sure, Fox failed to get anything going despite the box office success of their 2003 effort.

Say what you want about us using the word “success,” but the film grossed $179 million worldwide on a budget of $78 million, according to Box Office Mojo. And it’s really not that bad of a movie if you watch the director’s cut.

Then again, Stan Lee hated it, so what do we know? A bit more on Daredevil/Matt Murdock here:

At least start the character out small and think about finding a place for him later.

Frankly, director David Slade had a cool take on the character when he was attached over at Fox, setting the film in the 1970s and even making use of the yellow suit.

How would you like to see Disney and Marvel Studios handle Daredevil now that they have the film rights back? With or without The Avengers?

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