Dwight Howard Having Fifth Baby With Fifth Woman? Accusations Fly On Twitter

Dwight Howard is going to be a father… again… for the fifth time… with a fifth woman. Rumors have been swirling about the NBA star’s love life recently as several people have claimed that Howard is having his fifth baby.

The rumor started circulating earlier this month when a woman showed up to a Lakers game with a sign saying that she wanted to Howard’s 6th Baby Mama.

The woman shared the photo on Twitter, writing:

“Dwight Howard be ignoring me too! Aha you must not appreciate my sign I made for the blazer/laker game! Jus tryna show you some love my dude.”

The claim probably wouldn’t have gotten that much attention but Dwight Howard decided to respond to the woman on Twitter.

Howard wrote that he is not about to have his fifth baby with another woman.

Howard wrote: “Cuz it’s not Tru. I don’t have 5 baby mommas. And u makin yo self look bad. Not lady like.”

So, according to Dwight Howard, he’s not having his fifth baby. But what about his fourth?

Several Twitter users started yelling at Howard that the rumor was true, it was only the number that was wrong.

The recent rumors center around musician Christine Vest. Vest hasn’t tweeted about her alleged pregnancy but she did write a few weeks ago that she was extremely happy. Of course, that’s not exactly damning evidence.

But Black Media Scoop does believe that it has some definitive proof that Howard is the father of at least one secret child.

Last year reports surfaced that Dwight Howard had a baby with model Hope Alexa. Hope seemingly confirmed the news when she posted a photo of the child on Instagram. Notice the picture of Dwight Howard in the background…

Do you think Alexa Hope is the mother of one of Dwight Howard’s kids?

If the photo above isn’t proof, take a look at this photo from Reed Royce, a woman who is currently engaged in a legal battle with Dwight Howard over one of his kids. Royce posted a photo earlier this year of Howard’s other baby mamas with the message: “You can say what u want but there’s no drama between us! #SiblingLove! Love u girl @hopealexa always!”

Well, it looks like there’s another member in the club now that Dwight Howard is expecting his fifth baby.

Ok, fourth baby.

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