Donald Trump Claims Debate Victory: ‘I Held Joe Biden Accountable For His 47 Years Of Lies’

During a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday evening, President Donald Trump declared victory over Democrat Joe Biden after their first debate, Fox News reported.

“I really enjoyed last night’s debate with Sleepy Joe… the verdict is in and they say that we, all of us, won big last night,” Trump told a crowd of supporters.

“Last night, I did what the corrupt media has refused to do,” he continued.

“I held Joe Biden accountable for his 47 years of lies, 47 years of betrayal, and 47 years of failure.”

Those who watched the debate seem to disagree with Trump’s assessment.

According to a poll from CBS, 48 percent of viewers declared Biden the winner, while 41 percent believed Trump won.

In a similar CNN poll, 60 percent said that Biden did a better job.

The event was widely lambasted as chaotic, with pundits and commentators suggesting that Trump’s constant interruptions made it unwatchable.

Moderator Chris Wallace was also criticized. Democrats argued that he failed to rein in Trump, while Republicans accused him of being biased toward Biden.

In response, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that it is considering changing the rules for future clashes between the two candidates.

Per CBS News, the CPD is looking into allowing the moderators to cut off Trump and Biden’s microphones if they speak out of turn.

In a statement, Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump campaign, suggested that the organization is trying to protect Biden, saying that they should refrain from “changing the rules in the middle of the game.”

As Fox News noted, during his Wednesday evening speech, Trump also accused Biden of supporting “violent” mobs of protesters.

He slammed members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who took to the streets following the death of George Floyd.

“I held Joe accountable for shipping your jobs and dreams abroad, and for bowing to the violent mob at home,” the president said.

“Can you imagine these people? The way they take over Democrat cities? I don’t even believe it.”

The president delivered the remarks just miles from Minneapolis, where Floyd, an African-American man, died while in the custody of the city’s police department.

This was his third rally in Minnesota in recent weeks. He held one on August 17 and another one on September 18.

In 2016, when he competed against then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump lost Minnesota by around 44,000 votes. However, he won in 19 counties which voted for his predecessor Barack Obama.

Still, polling suggests that Biden is a much stronger candidate than Clinton. Per FiveThirtyEight, he is ahead by roughly nine percentage points.

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