Jana Duggar’s Twin, John David, Teases Her About Her Love Life, ‘Gonna Be Hard To Keep The Guys Off’

There has been quite a bit of focus put on Jana Duggar lately, with a whole episode of Counting On dedicated to her and her love of gardening. Last week, the family surprised her with her very own greenhouse that they built while she was out of town with her twin, John David, and his wife, Abbie. TLC posted an extra clip on Facebook — seen here — while they were in Knoxville, Tennessee and brought up the topic of Jana’s love life.

The threesome decided to visit the Knoxville Botanical Garden because of the oldest Duggar daughter’s fondness for anything that has to do with gardening. John and Abbie’s baby girl, Grace Annette, was there as well. Her dad held her in his arms as they walked through the garden. As seen last week on Counting On, Jana had her hair done at a salon with Abbie along for support. In the clip, her brother asked her how it all went. Jana showed off her newly styled tresses and that’s when the topic of guys was brought up.

John David joked around with his twin, saying that it’s going to be hard to keep the guys away now. Jana seemed to brush that comment off. He said that since they are twins, and very close, he watches out for her. He also jokingly said that he keeps an eye out for any good guys that may come around.

Having said that, John David is confident that the right guy will eventually come Jana’s way at just the perfect time. According to the 30-year-old Duggar son, it will be well worth the wait for Jana when she does find the perfect man for her.

During their walk through the botanical garden, Jana wore a black skirt and a green top. She also sported a short denim jacket over it. She had her brunette hair freshly trimmed at the salon and a few blond highlights were added as well. She seemed to really like the style.

This trip was just a way to get Jana out of Arkansas so that she would not know what her family was doing back home, as John David said in the clip. They built her the greenhouse to thank her for everything that she does for the family.

Duggar fans are always amazed by Jana’s many talents. Not only does she have a love for gardening, but she is also handy at renovating and remodeling. Earlier this month, she shared a project that she worked on with her brother, James, installing tile in a shower stall. She revealed in a video how skilled she was at handling a saw.

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