Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Britt Reappears With Some Surprising News

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 11, tease that there are many changes being made rather quickly and most are not happy about it. One big change at GH has been the firing of Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer. They were the heart of the facility and now everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see what Cyrus Renault will do next.

It looks like they won't have to wait very long, as the previews for Friday's General Hospital indicate that a new chief of staff to replace Monica will appear. SheKnows Soaps teases that Epiphany is worried about all the changes that are happening. That could very well be what she and Finn are discussing when the new chief of staff arrives. The preview reveals that Finn will be surprised by the person who walks up as the new head honcho. Spoilers also say that Britt Westbourne arrives the same day. All hints lead to Britt arriving back in town in her new position at GH.

It was announced last month that actress Kelly Thiebaud would be returning to her role as Britt and would be staying longer this time. She was last seen in the spring for just a couple of weeks and then abruptly took off for another job. Now she is back and ready for a new adventure.

Cyrus seems to have an agenda, and it looks like Britt may just fall right in line with his plan to take over Port Charles. It's not known whether he and Britt know each other. They may have met while in prison. However, she is trying to stay out of trouble, as she had stated during her last appearance.

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ABC | Craig Sjodin

Another person who will be surprised to see Britt back in Port Charles will be Julian Jerome. Those two had a fling a few months ago and General Hospital fans seemed to like them together. Now that she is back, spoilers say that Britt will confront Julian on Monday. Will they continue where they left off?

Now that it looks like she will be working closely with Cyrus and possibly reuniting with Julian, it seems that she may be quite tempted to get back into her old ways. Those two bad boys could suck her back into the life that she is doing her best to avoid.

Viewers are hoping that with Britt's return, her mother, Liesl Obrecht, will also reappear. She has been framed for a violent crime by Peter August and General Hospital fans are hoping she can get to the truth and help her mother out. There is a lot more happening in the coming weeks.