'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers Preview Video Leaves Viewers Divided

The Young and the Restless spoilers preview video for August 31 through September 4 had the CBS daytime drama's viewers divided in their thoughts on the upcoming storyline.

The clip, which typically features several dramatic scenes previewing the week's hottest or most thrilling storylines, departed from its usual style. Instead of a variety of snippets, it showed one scene with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Kyle (Michael Mealor), and Summer (Hunter King). Phyllis lets Kyle and Summer know that she and Nick are thrilled to hear their big news.

However, instead of listening, it appears as if Nick and Phyllis have some shocking thoughts on what their daughter might be about to announce. They worry the couple is engaged. Then, they seem even more concerned that Summer is pregnant. Kyle looks a bit pained, and Summer flat out tells her parents to calm down. That's when Nick suggests his daughter slow things down with her boyfriend. Of course, none of those things are what Kyle and Summer want to talk about — they're moving in together soon. It looks like Nick and Phyllis may not even let them get a word in edgewise, though.

Almost 48,000 Instagrammers viewed the video, more than 4,900 hit the like button, and nearly 250 took the time to reply with their thoughts. The whole video's theme was slow your roll, and fans weren't sure if the Y&R preview for the upcoming episodes was too uninteresting or just exactly right.

"This was hard to watch, don't like either couple! So stupid. They're moving in together, which we already know. I can't stand Summer or Kyle!" complained one viewer.

"The whole show has slowed its roll. Something exciting needs to happen on this show. The reruns were better!!" a second fan noted.

"Yay, I can not wait to watch this upcoming week! Let's go, Kyle and Summer! Nick telling #Skyle to slow their roll is hilarious. This is going to be entertaining, and I can't wait to see these scenes! #YR", a third follower enthused.

"Phyllis and Nick and Kyle and Summer are on the show next week. I cannot wait to see it!" declared a fourth happy devotee.

While it seems unlikely anybody will be too worried about Summer and Kyle getting a place together, there is always the possibility they might tell her parents something more intriguing that happened off-screen. Recently, they decided to move in together during their romantic picnic. Viewers must tune in to The Young and the Restless to find out if the clip previews an unexpected surprise.