6 of the wildest airport take-offs and landings you’ll ever take

Flying is one of the backbones of our world. To be able to get from point to another as quickly as possible is an integral part of business, and leisure. This means we also need a lot of airports in all kinds of places. Popular Mechanics recently put together a list of the world’s 18 strangest airports.

Now being the strangest also means that some of these are also some pretty hair-raising place to land and take-off from. That is what this list of six is all about.

Gibraltar Airport

As you can see from the photograph the airport runway is intersected with one of the busiest roads on the island, and we thought train crossings were hazardous.

Congonhas Airport – Brazil

Yes that is the city center of Sao Paulo just five miles away from the airport. The only advantage here is the short travel distance to get you flight out.

Courchevel International Airport – France

Sure it may seem like a fairly ordinary airport – except for the mountains all around it and the big hill in the middle of the runway.

Princess Juliana International Airport – Saint Maarten

This landing is almost an obstacle course that includes a much used beach, high fence and a road.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – Netherlands Antilles

I think the fact of the ocean all around it and only a 1,300 foot long runway make this one self-explanitory.

Toncontin International Airport – Honduras

A 7,000 foot long runway in the middle of valley and within spitting distance of the country’s capital city. Yup this would be hair-raising to say the least

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