Nestor Galban: Who Is Rep. Matt Gaetz’s ‘Son’?

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz does not have any children of his own, having never married and not, as far as anyone knows, having fathered any children out of wedlock. He does, however, have a relationship with a young Cuban man, Nestor Galban, whom the Florida lawmaker has treated as his own son.

He’s The Younger Brother Of A Woman Gaetz Once Dated

As People reported in June, Gaetz came to know Nestor when he was dating the young man’s older sister. The siblings’ mother died of breast cancer when Nestor was 12 years old, after which he moved to the U.S. from Cuba. When the young lad’s mother died, Gaetz, in some way or another, “adopted” him, though he never filed any formal paperwork.

“Our relationship as a family is defined by our love for each other, not by any paperwork,” he said.

In a June 18 tweet, he confirmed he is not Nestor’s father, legally or biologically, but that he is his son as far as both are concerned.

Gaetz did not mention the status of his relationship with Nestor’s sister, and indeed, declined to discuss his relationship with Nestor’s biological family.

His Existence Became Publicly Known Thanks To A Contentious Capitol Hill Hearing

As The Miami New Times reported, Gaetz and Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond were exchanging words about police reform when Richmond suggested that white men don’t know what it’s like to raise sons with the knowledge that they could some day become victims of police violence.

Gaetz took exception.

“Are you suggesting that you’re certain that none of us have nonwhite children? Because you reflect on your black son, and you said none of us could understand,” he said.

A short time later, he posted the tweet in which he revealed his relationship with the young man.

Nestor, for his part, revealed on Twitter that he had wanted to keep his relationship with Gaetz a secret because he wasn’t prepared for the attention it would bring.

“I wanted as a secret before because I wanted to have a normal life without any of y’all getting in it. But now I’m 19 and I old enough to handle it,” he tweeted.

He Appears To Be Proud Of His Relationship With His ‘Father’

An Instagram account bearing Nestor’s name shows photographs of someone who looks who him with Gaetz and other Republicans. The account is not verified, however, so it could be a parody or tribute account.

If it’s really Nestor, however, it paints a picture of a young man who is proud of his association with Gaetz.

For example, the post below shows the lad with his “father” as well as another prominent Republican, Donald Trump Jr.

Elsewhere on his Instagram account, he shows photos of himself doing things not atypical of a man in his late teens who lives in southern Florida, such as in the photo below, which shows him sailing.

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