Robin Roberts Hospitalized, Hopes To Return To ‘GMA’ Soon

Robin Roberts is on the mend after a mild health setback landed her in the hospital last week.

Earlier today, the Good Morning America co-host reached out to concerned fans with a Facebook message revealing the reason behind her recent absence from the show. In the note, Roberts confirmed that she was hospitalized for mild complications stemming from a bone marrow transplant she underwent in September to combat a rare blood disorder.

According to her Facebook message, Robin Roberts began to feel “under the weather” while vacationing in Key West, Florida last week.

After conferring with her doctors, the beloved television personality returned to New York City for medical observation and treatment.

“They felt it best to admit me into the hospital for a few days,” Roberts explained to her Facebook followers. “Seems my young immune system needed a little boost to fight off ‘opportunistic infections.'”

In February, Robin Roberts made a triumphant return to Good Morning America after spending roughly six months recovering from her bone marrow transplant.

However, in today’s message, Roberts assured her many fans that returning to the show has not been detrimental to her health and didn’t contribute to her hospitalization.

“My doctors assured me that this was NOT because I was working or doing too much, too soon.” she explained. “It’s extremely common, post bone marrow transplant, to have complications. I’m blessed that mine have not been severe.”

Robin Roberts wrapped up her Facebook message on a positive note and indicated that she will be released from the hospital to finish recuperation at home. She also expressed hope for a swift return to the morning show:

“I’m feeling MUCH better, and will relax at home for the rest of the week. I’ll be back on [Good Morning America] next week…as my sweet momma would say: ‘Good Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise!’ Miss you and bless you..XO.”

Are you a Robin Roberts fan and supporter? You can send her well wishes for a speedy recovery by visiting the television veteran’s official Facebook page.

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