$3 A Gallon Gas Prices? History, AAA Predicts

Remember $3 a gallon gas prices, back before everything was expensive and no one had a job?

Get used to talking about $3 gas in the past tense, as distant a memory as cassette tapes and dial-up modems. The national average hasn't dropped below three bucks in a thousand days, and the AAA predicts that the next thousand will be just as painful at the pump.

It wasn't even that long ago gas prices were far less than $3, but such is 2013 that $3 a gallon gas sounds like an insanely good deal -- and it is. Here in New York, I just filled up my tank at $3.69 a gallon, musing all the while what a low price it was in light of recent fuel costs.

The AAA reports that $3 plus gas prices, which seem so commonplace now, are not that much of a staple of American life. It was only in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina that gas got past the $3 a gallon mark on average... but as we know now, they'd never climb back down again.

Following the cataclysmic storm, gas stood at over $3 a gallon, and there it remains, eight years later. KDAL explains that the AAA predicts no return to cheap gas for the US, and says:

"According to the American Automobile Association (AAA) the current streak began on December 23rd in 2010 and, barring a major economic recession, will stay over that price for at least another thousand days. Bob Darbelnet, the President of AAA, says paying less than 3 dollars a gallon for gas will be automotive history for most Americans."

The organization adds that you can not only forget $3 a gallon gas prices -- noting that the price at the pump is unlikely to even dip under $3.50 in the foreseeable future.